2016 Time is Running out

In 2016 I tried to contribute to change the best way that I knew how. I attempted to communicate to the higher levels regarding the ideas that I had regarding the people that they were representing. When I attempted to communicate to them, my ideas fell onto deaf ears. I was censored. I was actually censored by the very people that I built as my allies. My allies started to silence and veto my voice as a representative of the others. When I initially went to the organizations, as an individual creating my own path into the community I was welcomed, but when I started to develop an opinion, develop initiative and innovation and when I started to be able to understand the represented group and was advocating on their behalf – that is when I got shut down. The Leaders in the community that once welcomed me with open arms now attempted to seal me off. To me, this was the opposite of the intended prediction. As each of us shared the same mission – to help other people. But then why was it that when I could see through my own eyes and learnt how to use my own language to express my views instead of using the language of the clinical projection was I then black bagged? To me it seemed clear that my being silenced was not about kindness on behalf of the organization to me, but it was the opposite. It seemed so ironic that when I was reaching out to others, and receiving traction that this act was condemned by the people in charge. To me, and my own ethics, I journeyed throughout life based on my own virtues and my own ethics which was not linked to money, greed or power. All of the things I was working on were in order to help other people. Why then was all of it not appreciated by the top people in charge of the organizations? Of course, the question is a paradox, and I do not expect a candid answer (but would be open if someone gave me one); instead the point is that I reached my top within a number of organizations in 2016. I reached the ceiling and had no where else to go, but elsewhere to continue to develop, create and plan to continue to put my ideas and philosophies into effect the best way I know how – through Good Faith.







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