2016: 1 day left before 2017

2016, 2016 oh 2016. What does it all mean? How can I untangle my life and put this year into actual words? A nearly impossible task. One of the main components I was working on was helping the marginalized. I was part of 3 organizations, and working inside the organizations. My exact role was undefined as I was inside the organizations in a unique way, kind of like an entrepreneur or trend-setter. Based on my own set of ethical guidelines I started to judge the 3 organizations. I could see gaps in their systems. I had done this kind of investigative work before, when I analyzed a couple of museums and cultural heritage sites in Vancouver for my Customer Service Management training which I followed at the British Columbia Institute of Technology. Somehow, my mind seemed to catch all the details inside the organizations. Even though I was not a manager in any of the organizations, I had a unique vantage point. Somehow by sitting literally in the belly of the organization, exposed me to so many details of how the organizations were being run. My lens was to help the clients visiting the organizations and I was trying to figure out how their experience could be increased in quality. My analysis consisted of a ladder. It seemed that from one management decision, another management decision came and another. 078385706d7d954ff83bc381d0150762

This domino-effect seemed to be pushing itself right to the top of the organizations and that it where in 3 accounts the end came into sight. Each of the 3 leaders of the organizations seemed to have segregated themselves from the packs. It is like they each had a set of trained wolves protecting them. Making them virtually unreachable.


It was at this time that I became aware of power.


At the same time, when I became aware of this power of the leaders, I started to back away. Retreating as it were. Back to creating my own artworks, see below: Joepiedom (stick figure) and Virgil (horse).



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