2017 a New Year! What will happen this year? What are the expectations? The ideals, the desires? How can we make the world a better place? Have not many people before us tried to stop injustices? Does injustices continue because of power, control and influence in the hands of a few? Humanity has attempted to change throughout the decades but it always seems to fall right back into the rolls of the powerful and the powerless. This creates an imbalance whereby injustices are constantly born. Can true equality be achieved and if so how? Two major contradictions in humanity are [1] bullying and [2] socialism. First, bullying is an unkind act but gets rewarded and often leads to powerful position within a company; and second socialism is based on a decentralized system of equality which almost always leads to installing corrupt people gaining power in a model which is focused on non-power and equality. So if bullying is rewarded and socialism a unattainable ideal in real-life how can equality for all be gained? Is there such a things as evil benevolence? And if so does evil benevolence really mean to have power over others? Is this the disguise? Will life always be a yin and a yang – never being an absolute of completely good, or completely bad – but rather a little bit of both? Is this the human destiny? Or is a stalemate the destiny?



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