In 2017 fairness is something that a lot of human beings seem to want to have in their lives. Some people do receive a good amount of fairness and others do not receive much fairness at all. The whole definition of fairness is very hard to fit into an exact scope as what one experiences as fairness, the other does not. At the same time, I believe that culturally in Victoria City, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada there really is a universal level of what is fairness and what is considered to be unfair. A lot of the unfairness that Victoria City citizens experience is often not expressed outright. In fact many people in Victoria City often do not wish to discuss it at all – not within their families, not within a work place situation and not within a university environment, (because the University of Victoria is one of the biggest universities in British Columbia and it is right here in the heart of Victoria City where many organizations in Victoria City are linked with UVic). There are values and norms around what is fair and what is not. Often citizens of Victoria: in their environments and within the circles they operate in – can witness both fairness and unfairness on a daily basis. But how many of the citizens actually stop to ponder about it? How many citizens stop and think: how can more fairness be attained for everyone? This question has to start off as a philosophical question. How can fairness be reached and what is fairness? Fairness can be reached by changing a culture, something which the Victoria based artist, Emily Carr could not achieve in the 1900’s, but has the Victoria society developed since that time? emilycarrbanknote

In Victoria city – there is a very big component called Protectionism. Like the University of Victoria being involved in almost all types of community organizations, Provincial government organizations and Federal government organizations in Victoria – so does the word Protectionism apply to all of these areas.Protectionism in Victoria is a political word that disallows fairness to prevail in the city. It is like a fence created between us and them – where fairness is to the right and unfairness to the left. There is too much resistance to change for this to morph into fairness. How can we break down the fences together? Any ideas, comments? Feel free to write.






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