Bureaucracy 2017


Bureaucracy is a special sort of organizational structure which takes the citizen through a maze to reach a decision-making, mostly at the top of the organizational structure. Bureaucracy was put into place, I believe to actually help with providing more freedom to lots of different citizens. However, because of the rules and regulations that have to be followed by each bureaucrat what happens is that the citizen sometimes can receive more challenges and less freedoms even though the opposite was the intention. Bureaucracy was supposed to provide top quality services to citizens but the opposite happens in practice. Cutting down on bureaucracy can be perceived as a good move, but sometimes when humans have the intention to do good, the opposite happens by accident. In Victoria City, Vancouver Island, British Columbia Canada hospitals have attempted to cut down on bureaucracy and in effect what happens is that they created, unintentionally silos or sub-organizations, where the bureaucracy re-occurs but inside silo sub hospital organizations hence shifting the problem of bureaucracy into another form without actually solving the bureaucracy issue. *Note, always open to dialogue.


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