Facade 2017

Facade are the appearances in which it is beautiful on the outside but it can be broken on the inside. Like in architecture. Amsterdam City is one of the greatest examples of this. The architecture along the canals often looks beautiful but when one opens the door and walks into the building, often the stair cases are bent out of shape with age, the windows have cracks around the edges and there was drafts of cold air traveling through the architecture. For the eye of the tourist this is beauty Рbut once one has lived in Amsterdam for many years, one can see past the beautiful architecture and see the non-beauty as well.  casa-rembrandt-1606-9368

This facade is not only to be seen in Amsterdam, the Netherlands – but it can also be seen in Victoria City on Vancouver Island in Canada, where the beautiful landscape around the city seems to be a facade to when one actual gets employment and starts to work in Victoria City.


The word facade means to pretend to be something one is not; like something not authentic.



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