Barracuda woman 2017

A woman came into the store. She walked into the specific department she wanted. She stood in front of the product she was interested in. Her left leg was leaning towards the product while her right leg was holding her upright. She was wearing a shiny cheap fake leather jacket and blue jeans. She had short dyed black hair. She was medium height and about 40 years old. She looked at the $80 item like it was a Porsche car. This lady was a top sales executive who wanted extreme customer sales service in a 5 and dime store. She was a very cheap woman who wanted bang for her buck even though she sat on millions of dollars in her own personal bank account. This lady was a hardcore capitalist and one could sum her up in a micro-second. She was a killer barracuda woman, with a killer competitive instinct. Photo of a barracuda.



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