Trying to find a tie in. Reading books.



  • Book list – listed by first come first serve basis – not alphabetical
  1. Forced Removal – The Division, Segregation and Control of the People of South Africa, Elaine Unterhalter, International Defence and Aid Fund for Southern Africa, 1987
  2. Racial Segregation and the Origins of Apartheid in South Africa, 1919 to 36, Saul Dubow, ST Anthony’s College Oxford, 1989
  3. Perceptions of Apartheid – The Churches and political changes in South Africa, Ernie Regehr, Herald Press, 1979
  4. Politics of race, class and nationalism in twentieth century South Africa, Shula Marks and Stanley Trapido, London and New York, 1987
  5. The History of the Great Boer Trek, Hon. Henry Cloete, LL.D. her majesty’s High Commissioner for Natal, 1843 – 44, London, John Murray, Albemarle Street, 1899
  6. The White Tribe of Africa – South Africa in perspective, David Harrison, British Broadcasting Corporation, 1981
  7. The Hunger Winter – Occupied Holland 1944 – 5, Henri A. van der Zee, Jill Norman & Hobhouse, 1982
  8. The Netherlands and Nazi Germany, Louis de Jong, Harvard University Press, 1990
  9. Underground out of Holland, S. E. Hanson, London Ian Allan Ltd, 1975
  10. Nazi Rule and Dutch Collaboration – The Netherlands under German Occupation 1940 – 1945, Louise Willmot, Berg – Oxford / New York / Hamburg, 1988
  11. Plantation Jamaica 1750 – 1850 – Capital and Control in Colonial Economy, B. W. Higman, University of the West Indies Press, 2005
  12. Isle of Devils – Bermuda under the Somers Island Company 1609 – 1685, Jean Kennedy, Collins, 1971
  13. Islands Bermuda, John J. Jackson, David and Charles, 1988
  14. The Story of Bermuda and Her People, W. S. Zuill, MacMillan, 1973
  15. Bermuda from Sail to Steam 1784 – 1901 (Volume 1 & 2), Henry C. Wilkinson, London Oxford University Press, 1973
  16. Black Families in Modern Bermuda, Max Paul, Germany, 1983

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