Will British Columbia government fall?


(My photograph, taken at 1230 pm on June 29th, 2017. In the distance in the BC Parliament Buildings in Victoria City. I am standing in the Royal British Columbia Museum)

Today, on June 29th, 2017, I went to the British Columbia Legislative Building to watch the fall of the BC Premier, Christy Clark. I walked up the staircase to the entrance of the building and 3 police men were guarding the door outside. They asked me what I was going to do in the Parliament buildings. I mentioned I was going to watch the BC political situation starting at 130 pm.

The BC Liberal government is currently run by Christy Clark, a BC Liberal. The BC NDP Party and the BC Green party are currently the official opposition party but how long will that last. It is 3 pm right now; and I suspect the political fall has or has not already taken place as I am writing this down.

It is my prediction that the BC Liberal, Christy Clark will politically out maneuver the BC NDP and the BC Green parties (who have joined forces together).  I do not expect the BC Provincial government to fall. Instead, I believe our province will be led by a minority government led by Christy Clark.

While I was standing in front of the political ceremonial area, I talked briefly with a tourist with a camera around his neck about the BC politics and noted that the current political situation was the most exciting political event in about 100 years of Canadian political history. He did not disagree with me. This tourist was from Coquitlam, BC and attended the session yesterday.

At 130 pm a Parliament building chime rang loud and a police man watching the entrance of the ceremonial hall on the 2nd floor, screamed to the underground tourists to remain silent as the house was now in session (the tourists and their tour guide continued to take no notice of the police officer and continued to talk). The heavy brown wooden door was closed and all that remained were me and the tourist and a handful of police officers.

The feeling in the Parliament Buildings in Victoria City, the Provincial capital of British Columbia, one of the provinces in Canada, was filled with tension. There was an emotionally charged feeling of danger; like at an airport. There was a high vigilance; and a feeling of uncertainty in the air.

I did not witness any amount of journalists in the Parliament Buildings today.

Once the large brown wooden door closed for the session to take place; I left. I felt I had caught the essence of this great BC political even by being inside the building while politicians were sweating to save their political careers and their power. The feeling inside the BC Parliament buildings cannot be captured by media photographs, one needs to be inside the building to experience it first hand.













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