Dutch Leadership 2018


The center of the Netherlands, the capital of the Netherlands is Amsterdam. It is also in Amsterdam where the most powerful leaders of the Netherlands are situated. It is inside the “Gordelgracht” (#gordelgracht) where the powerful decision-makers are located. The powerful men (and they are mostly Dutch men holding the power of the country) are beyond the #digital_era. They are higher and above the digital era. They make decisions based on the #finance of the country in a single mark. The second layer of the Dutch leadership, are the stockbrokers in the #EuroNext. EuroNext is located very close to the #Amsterdam Central Train Station. EuroNext is like the American New York Stock Exchange (#NYSE) and carries just as much power as well. Dutch leadership is not much different from the #American leadership. In fact, the American Financial market and the European financial market used to be connected in economic values; however in 2018 the two financial markets (American and European) are being built in order to compete with each other now. Once friends and now enemies.








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