Hospital decor. 2019

Lucebert-Schilder-Dichter-Fotograaf (1)Sometimes hospitals have artwork in the halls of the hospital, but most times there is a minimium of art in hospitals. That is because hospitals are not museums. In hospitals the majority of the patients in the sick beds are sick and are sleeping in the beds, and the majority of the patients sleep 3/4 of the 24 hours. The patients are not into looking at artwork in many cases, instead they want walls and corridors that are non-emotional – the opposite of the artworks from Lucebert for example. His artworks are a blast of emotion, and that is exactly what patients and visitors of patients do not want to be confronted with when visiting middle sized hospitals.


Change and transition 2019

Both change and transition are qualities that a lot of human beings have a very hard time with. Often a physical change can be helpful on some levels but not on other levels. And transition is a period that is like an impasse between two change states: the one one has left and the one the one is going to. The impasse state is like an embarking state: it is like one is at the Vancouver International Airport and traveling to the Amsterdam International Airport, Schiphol, the embarkment state is the state when one is on the airplane between two destinations. However, in life things are always a lot more complicated than only traveling from one city to the other city by airplane. Many human beings cannot change, and many human beings do not even ever make the effort to change because it is very uncomfortable to change. Changing an environment is relatively easy to do but to change oneself is something that is very hard. In psychology, there are a number of classical theories that believe that a human being cannot change. I would guess that this theory – that human beings cannot change themselves to be one of the main themes in Western psychology. However often psychological theory of not being able to change oneself is often covered over with hypocrisy. Written on January 18th, 2019. Holland.49572412_10155810733482019_7972425063427211264_n

Individual versus Society 2019

As a child going through private school systems mostly, I learnt about ideals and that it is through developing ones own path that leads to happiness. However out of personal experience, find ones goals and focussing on owns own goal is only half to the answer to lifes questions. Life is often a balance of two things: how do the goals of the individual fit into the society in which ones lives? In some instances, the individual can have dreams and aspirations that are not a match with what is available in society. If one is not Howard Hughes, Jackson Pollock or Bobby Fischer one will probably not be able to succeed with only ones goals in a society that has no room for those individual goals. January 18th, 2019. Location: The Netherlands, Europe.49767848_10155631866312105_7197773612185550848_n (1)


In life alot of individuals want to achieve something and at the same time be an interesting and a good person. This dual nature of 1. achieving something and 2. being a good person is a task that is a very hard challenge. In life, education tries to instill ideas of philosophy and idealism. These two components of 1. philosophy and 2. idealism are higher than the practical side of life. Elementary school education instills the basic good humanity ideas whereas in high school education more and more choices need to be made by the student. After one chooses humanity and history as ones specialities and later goes on to study those two areas of choice in the higher education system, post high school – and at the same time – experiences life in a diversity of ways – one will soon realize that the ideals of the elementary school teacher in ones childhood were the purist of all ideas; and at the same time the stupidest.

Brexit is an interesting topic

Brexit is a very interesting topic. Britain is currently part of the many European countries called the European Union. Britain, also known as England is engaging in a separation with the conjunction with the European Union. Brexit is often referred to as a divorce from the European Union. It is almost as if the European Union one is (whereas in fact there are lots of countries linked to the European Union). The European Union however is one collective so in effect it is one. And Britain is the only one that wants out of that collective. In other words, it is Britain versus the European Union. In a way this action is like in the World War II where Britain fought against Germany who was capturing much of the European nations. The main difference between then and now is that in 2018 now guns are being used. The main tool of this divorce is the finances. The European  Union is really a financial model. Was it in London or in Amsterdam where capitalism was invented? Capitalism is general means financial management for the country. Brexit is very interesting because of the complexity of the divorce. Like many relationship that turn sour over time, it is very hard to negotiate anything when one has already decided to cut-ties with the other one. Divorces in many ways is a state of irreconcilable differences. Irreconcilable differences make it very hard to do business with each other on a number of levels because the priorities of the one side are not the same as the priorities of the other side.

My grandfather was a Tulip farmer

When I was a child I visited my grandparents in a section of the Netherlands called Westfriesland, Noord Holland, the Netherlands. My grandfather owned a house and a piece of land that he took care of. The house on the land was a very nice house and the land was very flat. It was always plowed neatly in straight lines, as that is what all farmers did and still do. Because my last name is van der Pol I get associated with tulips and flowers. It is in my dna. Tulips are the main industry in the province of the North Holland, the Netherlands and when strangers in the Netherlands or outside of the Netherlands have looked into my eyes all they can see is my grandfather and how he sowed tulips in the fields in Westfriesland. When I applied for jobs I got jobs in the tulip industry even though I was never taught anything about tulips – it was automatically assumed that by my heritage I was a tulip expert because it is in my genes, engineered into my brain and a skill untaught by passed down subliemely from grandfather to granddaughter.



Zakelijke netwerken vervangt digitalisering in Haarlem Centrum NH, NL


Foto die ik genomen heb tijdens een bijeenkomst bij Stichting Het is Netwerken ter Haarlem Centrum, Noord Holland, Nederland, Europa. 15 juni 2018.

Gisteren ben ik naar een workshop door Arnout gegeven. Het onderwerp was over hoe werkzoekende mensen boven de 45 jaar in omgeving Haarlem Centrum hun wifi uit moeten gaan zetten om beter en bewuster van de wereld waarin ze leven te worden. Wifi wordt hier niet gebruikt als middel om verbinding tussen jouw smartfoon en Internet te krijgen – maar wifi hiermee wordt bedoelt dat je minder actief moet proberen te zijn met allerlei externe aspecten van je leven en meer oplettend worden.

Arnout, was en is een deelnemer aan Stichting Het is Netwerken. Hij wilde zijn eigen workshop houden en de bestuur van Stichting Het is Netwerken vond dat een goed idee. Arnout vertelde dat hij 30 jaar als Communicatie Marketing medeweker heeft gewerkt. In het verleden heb ik een jaar Integrated Communication and Managment bij Hogeschool van Utrecht gedaan. Toen heb ik veel vakken over communicatie, marketing en management gehad. Later heb ik mijn HBO diploma in Cultuur en Beleid, specialisatie Kunsteducatie met succes afgerond.

Arnout heeft ons bij Stichting Het is Netwerken vertelt over doelgroepen en koopintenties. Ik vond Arnout een goede persoon om naar te luisteren. Maar zijn stijl was heel zachtmoedig en ik viel bijna in slaap omdat het zo zachtmoedig was. Ik vond het stijl van presentatie geven wel leuk, maar ik vind het geven van een presentatie en het uitleggen van een theorie heel iets anders dan het invoeren en uitvoeren van een marketing theorie. Met andere woorden, Arnout, net zoals ons allemaal bij Stichting Het is Netwerken is werkloos en of werkzoekend. Hij kan communicatie marketing aan ons goed vertellen maar het levert hem noch ons een baan op. Veel deelnemers bij Stichting Het is Netwerken ter Haarlem Centrum zijn erg aardige mensen die een baan zoeken. Volgens mij kunnen veel gekwalificeerde mensen niet makkelijk aan een baan meer komen vanwege arbeidsdiscriminatie. Nederlandse arbeidsdiscriminatie is echt een zeer wrede aspect van het Haarlemse Centrum bedrijfscultuur. Het is bijna te wreed om het op te noemen en daarom veel beter om het maar eens te ontkennen.