The Rubáiyát

Omar Khayyám

The Rubáiyát

“The moving finger, having written; not all your tears nor all your joy; not a jot of it will erase,”

(One of my friends gave this quote on a tiny shred of paper. His name was Walter. Soon after I got this tiny note, I never saw or heard from him again)



Cub Cities take care of vulnerable first

Cub cites are cities that are created to take care of the most vulnerable individuals first. The symbol of cub cities is the British Columbia Canadian spirit bear cub, often found on Vancouver Island. They are anomalies. (See pictures of two spirit bear cubs here under).


CUB CITIES in CANADA are a group of cities not yet developed in Canada, in which, there will be no highrise buildings and no priorities given to the corporate and political elite on neither the local, provincial, national nor global level, but rather to the individuals of the community first and their peripheral family members. For example, I would like this Cub City in Canada start to be implemented in Victoria City, Vancouver Island, British Columbia Canada – the place I am currently living in. September 22, 2017.

Engaging in a conversation, 2017

When you engage in a conversation, and the other starts judging you based on factors that are beyond your control – the best thing you can do is lead by example, by:

  1. not being afraid
  2. identify what is happening
  3. put the experience into perspective
  4. have an open mind

In other words, when you meet someone for the first time, try hard not to judge them.

When you feel yourself scanning the other person and creating your first impression on anything but the facts, try hard to contain that thought pattern and go back to listening with your heart to what the other is saying and base your impression on that instead.

You can learn techniques to enhance a good experience and there are ways to diffuse a bad experience but if the dynamic is not right, the best thing that you can do is acknowledge it within yourself and not to fight it. It is one of those mysteries of life.

Not everything in life can be controlled.

Not all conversations will flow smoothly.

In these cases, there are no techniques to use – the only thing you need to do is experience this when it happens.

Appreciate the mystery and respect the fact that life is full of surprises, unexplained circumstances and enriching enigma’s.

On a practical note, this invisible dynamic component could be:

  1. the positioning of your facial features
  2. the sound of your voice
  3. stereotypes
  4. prejudice

This secondary component can also be solely based on instinct and not on facts, emotion or logic of any kind.

When the secondary – dynamic component is in sync, this can lead to a good experience. For example, a good experience is shared when both parties resonate with each other i.e

  1. by sharing some kind of common ground
  2. having the same interests and
  3. sharing information with each other openly

When a secondary – dynamic component is off- balance – this can lead to a bad experience. For example, a bad experience could occur when:

  1. there is a personality conflict
  2. when information is kept secret
  3. when there is some kind of invisible unidentifiable tension between the two parties

This kind of conversation experience could occur on a conscious or unconscious level. It slips into the conversation like a garden snake slips through the grass and can leave the two conversationalists feeling very uncomfortable around each other.

In a conversation there are two primary components that highlight how to have a good flow conversation: on the one hand is the emotional intelligence component and on the other is the intellectual intelligence component.

Emotional intelligence means when you listen you use empathy to really feel what the other is saying to you.

You would say things like: “I feel (….)”

Intellectual intelligence means that you use common-sense, logic and rational thought to decipher the message conveyed to you.

You would say things like: “I think (…)”

However it is neither the emotional nor the intellectual intelligence components that makes the conversation flow. There is something else.

That something else is the third secondary component which is the invisible dynamic component. It can be considered the glue that pastes the emotional and intellectual intelligence components together. It makes everything fit  together like a piece in a jigsaw puzzle. It is this invisible component that makes you succeed in the interview, share enriching conversations with friends and family and enables you to succeed in a personal relationship. It is the connection between you and the other that makes you a match and compatible with each other.

Funny enough this component is the most important but – it is also the one you have least control over.

Photo, September 19, 2017. Title: “Fall in Victoria”


Eindhoven city, The Netherlands

Eindhoven is a city in the South of Holland. It started off as a small municipality and once Philips started his famous Philips company the village started to grow. now it is considered to be Holland’s fifth largest cities. What makes Eindhoven a special city? Well it all starts at the Central train station (Eindhoven CS).

In the main hall, there is a quote in large neon yellow letters that reads:

“Conventie, een soort herinnering, is het grootste beletsel om te genieten van leven en kunst.” Piet Mondriaan

Which means convention is the obstacle between art and life.

It is the kind of quote that makes you question your life, your actions and your independent role as an individual. It is because of this one quote that I changed. I changed my vision of the world, my vision of people, my goals, dreams and aspirations, I no longer could find peace within tradition or culture instead I knew I needed to follow my own way.

To me, going to Eindhoven and seeing that quote in the CS was the most valuable experience in my world travels.17170342157_5156ab17d2_b



Mission of random

Mission of random


Crazy flight

Falling amoung the


Never so many ravens

So many movements




Large swaying

Cuddled in the


Watchful dark



Then the eagles

Who soars

All powerful


Power and respect


No aggression

Or funny business

Loyalty to partner


Protecting the young

No hanky panky





First Nations clear


Hypnotizing English

Power in numbers

Community against


[image taken Sept 17 in Canada]



Twin Otter Aircraft

What kind of aircraft would allow me to fly through the Himalaya in extreme temperatures and land between the mountains on a tiny runway?

In order to answer that question let’s reflect on Canadian aviation.

After more than 75 years and some 3,500 aircraft later, de Havilland Canada stands proud as a symbol of Canadian achievement.

Thousands of de Havilland Canada aircraft remain in active use around the world. These DHC aircraft are sought after for the hardest jobs in the toughest places. They never fail to live up to their reputation for versatility and dependability.

One of their most famous aircraft is the de Havilland Twin Otter, which is a highly maneuverable, versatile aircraft that can be flown safely at various speeds from 80 to 160 knots. The Twin Otter is a high winged, twin engine turbine powered aircraft ideally suite to operate in all conditions and climates.

It can be used around the world in mountains anywhere where rugged reliability and short-take-off-and-landing are required. The hard working Twin Otter will be around. The Twin Otter can be fitted with wheels, skis or floats as the landing gear.

It is a fact that one of the customers that Viking Air, a Vancouver Island, British Columbia Canadian company supplies aircraft to is the Pakistan Army. This is relevant because one of my most memorable airplane flights was when I flew to Gilgit – a Pakistani city surrounded by the deep heights of the Himalaya mountains. This aircraft could have been paid for by the Pakistani army and it could have been a Twin Otter aircraft.

The experience was breath-taking. I remember looking out of my window of the airplane in total awe. The flight was so smooth, it felt like I was floating on the clouds. We glided just above the sharpest mountain peaks the world had to offer but instead of being afraid – I was comforted. It could have been the orange – yellow shades of the sun, that danced over the snowcapped mountain tops that made me feel this way or maybe it was the deep mystery of floating above a rough country side that triggered the feeling of intense safety within me.

The aircraft started it’s descent in a very gradual motion. I looked out of the window and noticed the rugged brown mountain relief – jagged staring back at me. I swallowed. I enjoyed the vast contrast between outside landscape and my inner feelings inside the safe aircraft.

After a couple of minutes the airplane dropped through the clouds and within, what seemed like seconds, the plane landed and we disembarked into the city of Gilgit. Which is the capital city of North Areas, Pakistan. Gilgit city is one of the two major hubs on the Northern Areas for all mountaineering expeditions of Karakoram to Himalaya peaks, the other hub being Skardu.