Joepiedom – Thursday October 10th, 2013

Life has a lot of secrets to it. I think that in order for one to experience that most out of life, one needs to see past the mundane and into the unknown, perhaps even the future. Currently society seems to have been changing a lot. It all of a sudden crept up on us. The times are very different then they were ten years ago. Things that have changed are attitudes. For example, economics, finances and accounting. Somehow the Western society has made a shift from being very materialistic to being not very materialistic at all. I am not sure when the change happened exactly – but it is visible in most communities nowadays. Empty buildings are around the city. Some companies are doing very well and others are not doing well. Individuals are still investing in education, but there is no guaranteed spot for employment. Individuals believe that investing more and more versus saving is the answer to their problems. Going into debt is still the North American way – however life is no longer about houses, cars and external things – it has turned to an internalization. This one can see at Universities, Colleges and Schools. There is a silence amongst the streets. No more laughter, no more external freedom, this is a time of solemn behaviour and many individuals ranging from 20-60 years old have stepped into line into this new society.

The structures within society have not changed. The individual versus the community has not changed, but there is a silence. A threat. A deep awe in the world. So much has happened in the world time that individuals have an overload of sensations. Individuals of all age groups, who are adults struggle to survive. Struggle to financially keep their head above water. Efficiency and effectiveness seem to be key – however the real way to live life is through finding something that one cares about and then chasing that. But does one search for meaning? Or is life more about survival now? Is there anything valuable in survival, can one intellectually grow out of the shell of survival – or does one have to reach a stable survival and grow out of it and land on another echelon in order to breathe, admire the view and start to contemplate a new life of desire, connections and contemplations?



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